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Conditions & Procedures

Our world-renowned surgeons provide inpatient and outpatient care for infants and children at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF), California Pacific Medical Center (CPMC), and Kaiser San Francisco. Additionally, we continue to develop new and improved techniques, including minimally invasive surgery, which are adopted by surgeons around the globe.

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Pediatric Conditions & Treating Children

There are several pediatric conditions amendible to pediatric surgical treatment. In order to better help you understand what these conditions are, and how they can be treated, we've compiled a number of guides below -- neither list is comprehesive of the conditions some children face or treatments we offer.

UCSF button  UCSF Pediatric Surgery Guide

APSA button  American Pediatric Surgical Association (APSA) Guide - External Link

Children's Onocology Group  Children's Onocology Group (COG) Guide - External Link

Conditions in Children (alphabetical order)

Minimally Invasive Pediatric Surgery

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