University of California San Francisco

Our Commitment to Education

UCSF Pediatric Surgery and the Bay Area Pediatric Surgeons are devotedly committed to excellence in education, teaching daily in a multiplicity of settings.

Patient Education

Educating our patients and those who care for them is a continuous and essential component of the practice, demonstrated daily through such channels as our website, the distribution of instructional materials, and general contact with the patients and their families. We also strive to reach out to the public through community presentations and meetings, as well as participating in UCSF's Mini Medical School program - a public education course encompassing some of the core learning done in the first two years of health science studies.

Residency Education

We deeply value the importance of residency education as a key element to the training and development of our young surgeons. We supervise, mentor, and work directly with the residents of the General Surgery Residency Program in both a clinical and research capacity. For more details on the Residency Program itself, please visit the Department of Surgery's General Surgery Residency Program.

International Education

Our commitment to education has no boundaries as we frequently mentor and work with overseas visitors to the practice and laboratory ranging from students to full-time faculty.

Global Health Education

We also support and are dedicated to improving health standards and reducing the burden of disease globally, specifically in the more vulnerable populations. For more information on the UCSF Surgery and Global Health Program, please visit In addition, further information and programs can be found through UCSF Global Health Sciences

Arnold M. Salzberg Mentorship Award

The Arnold M. Salzberg Mentorship Award recognizes a pediatric surgeon who has distinguished him/herself as a mentor of pediatric surgical trainees and faculty. It is one of the field's most prestigious honors. The 2006 Salzberg Award was presented to our very own Michael R. Harrison, MD at the American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Meeting in Atlanta, GA. Harrison is universally regarded as the founder of the field of fetal surgery and is the director of the UCSF Fetal Treatment Center, the first of its kind in the United States. He has mentored over 40 postdoctoral research fellows in the laboratory who have gone on to successful academic careers, primarily in pediatric surgery, but also neurosurgery, OBGYN, and urology. Dr. Harrison continues to serve on a number of editorial boards and has published nearly 500 peer-reviewed articles. He is credited with having written the first comprehensive textbook on fetal therapy (soon to be in its 4th edition), and has most recently created an interactive website for referring physicians and potential fetal therapy patients.